an important update on shipped orders

We are pausing online shipping orders until we have completed the transition to a new carrier and more reliable insulated packaging. Delivery delays and summer heat create a less than perfect experience for our customers. We want those of you who receive shipped cookies to have the same experience as our local customers. Thank you for your patience as we work to perfect our shipping processes to insure that everyone is tickled pink.

Why Pink Door Cookies?

Frame 136

Tastebud Tickling Flavors
Indulge on the classics, and tickle
your tastebuds with funky new flavors
you won’t find anywhere else.

Frame 137

Small Batch Quality
No mass production here! Each cookie is
handcrafted with quality ingredients
for an unbelievable taste.

Frame 138

Nostalgia-Inducing Taste
Our flavors are carefully created
to bring to mind delightful memories
and good vibes with every bite.

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