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Our flavors are carefully designed to bring back fun, smile-inducing memories. Each cookie is handmade with premium, high-quality ingredients in our Nashville bakery studio.
calm down!

passion + dragon fruit. marshmallow chips. tequila cereal milk glaze.

lavender haze

blackberry. lavender-vanilla glaze. candy clouds + hearts + stars.

pink lemonade

lemon on lemon, lemon candy, summer vibes


peanut butter chips. grape glaze. lunchbox vibes.


milk chocolate. teddy grahams. burnt marshmallow. camping vibes.

oatmeal butterscotch

wheat-free. touch of cinnamon. mom inspired.

cotton candy

crunchy glaze. pretty sugar. unicorn vibes.

chocolate chip

milk chocolate. mini chocolate chips. just enough salt.

rainbow brownie

chocolate frosting. bits of rainbow. mini chocolate chips. optimistic vibes.

frosted funfetti

mom frosting. all the sprinkles. birthday cake vibes. *sprinkle mix changes regularly*

cinnamon toast snickerdoodle

cinnamon sugar. cinnamon chips. cereal.

blueberry pancake

fake blueberries. maple flavor. saturday morning vibes.