Redesign Brief: PDCX Instruction Flyer


Welcome to the creative heart of Pink Door Cookies! We’re excited about your interest in contributing to our team. One of our most anticipated projects is the Pink Door Cookies Experience (PDCX), a subscription box delivering a burst of joy and gourmet flavors to doorsteps nationwide, hopefully on a monthly basis. As a tangible touchpoint of our brand, each box isn’t just a treat; it’s an invitation to join a vibrant community of cookie enthusiasts.


The PDCX Box:
Each PDCX box serves as a vessel of delight, nostalgia, and shared experiences. More than delivering delicious cookies, we’re offering a platform for our subscribers to engage, create, and share their own joyful moments. The ultimate goal? Sparking a wave of organic online interactions, from unboxing videos to social media shares, potentially going viral!


Task Overview:
Your task is to revamp the PDCX flyer that comes in every first box, ensuring it’s visually engaging and aligns with our brand’s playful, retro-inspired aesthetic. While the content is provided, we’re excited to see how you interpret and present it creatively.


Content Outline:

  • Welcome note
  • List of box contents
  • Introduction to the PDC cookie cutter
  • Encouragement for customer engagement and interaction (cutting cookies, sharing, social media tagging)


Design Guidelines:

  • Style: Inspired by ’80s nostalgia, toys, bold colors, and post-modern patterns (Memphis Group aesthetic). Let this era’s playful essence shine in your design!
  • Layout: Consider how you can enhance readability and visual appeal. Break away from the uniform text size/weight and explore hierarchy and emphasis.
  • Font: While maintaining brand consistency, feel free to explore typographic variations that boost engagement and readability.
  • Colors: Stick to the Pink Door color palette but don’t hesitate to play with shades that complement our primary colors.
  • Imagery: We’re open to new graphic elements or illustrations that resonate with the PDCX world.


Project Duration:
We respect your time and don’t expect you to spend more than 1-2 hours on this task. It’s about showcasing your design approach and understanding of the Pink Door brand, not delivering a finished product.


Please submit your redesign as a PDF file. If your design includes interactive or high-fidelity elements that can’t be captured in a PDF, you’re welcome to supplement your submission with a link to a cloud-based version or a short video walkthrough.


Remember: We’re not just looking for a designer; we’re looking for a storyteller who understands that every element, from font choice to color scheme, contributes to the Pink Door narrative. Show us how you’d help our customers embark on a memorable, joy-filled journey with every PDCX box they open!

Good luck, and have fun with it!

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Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 20 MB.