Introducing… The Pink Door Cookies
Experience Box

We Know You’ve Been Waiting For It

And we couldn’t be more excited

The wait is over! Pink Door Cookies is ready to bring our unique mix of fancy cookies and nostalgic flavors straight to your doorstep!

Fancy Sweet Treats… Delivered!

The pink door cookies experience box

Get super excited for the cutest and pinkest cookie box you’ve ever seen. Inside you’ll find 12 adorable, delicious, and handcrafted cookies from the rotating menu at our home shop in Nashville, all of which were crafted and designed by our founding cookie genius (and big time Swiftie), Mathew Rice. You’ll also receive a PDC branded cookie cutter which will come in clutch when folks find out you have a box of incredible cookies.


Menu classics


Seasonal Standouts


Totally cool cookie cutter


Devouring Guaranteed

Seasonal Sensations

From Pink Lemonade summers to Pumpkin Cold Brew falls – our seasonal favorites always bring the flavor and the fun 🙂

Share the Love, Share the Cookies

The perfect treat to share with friends

Handcrafted with love and loaded with nostalgic vibes, our cookies provide an experience that’s meant to be shared. Get together with your besties, cut up a few cookies (more on that below), and have a kiki! (For those among us who are not hip and with it: a kiki is a real good fun time.)

And if you happen to have one of those phones that has a camera, we’d love to see your reactions! Send us pics and vids of you and your crew giving our cookies a try! But, please don’t send anything weird. Unless it’s weirdly cute. Like a pink kangaroo eating our cookies. That would be fine.

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Specifically Designed for Sharing the Joy

Get excited for your
cute lil cookie cutter

You’ll receive a very handy tool with your first box: a Pink Door Cookies Cookie Cutter! Designed to maximize the communal cookie experience, the PDCCC can cut your cookie into fourths for a few of your favorite people, or eighths for a few more! Just place the cutter on top of a cookie of your choice and press down sloooowly for some real good ASMR.

How it works

Ready for the cutest cookies that have ever existed (we don’t have the data to back this up but it might be true)? Just follow these three easy steps!”

Sign Up for Sweet Vibes

Sign up and get our menu classics plus two new and unique flavors shipped straight to your doorstep!

Get Excited!

There’s a lot of cute cookies coming your way soon! Maybe a good time to schedule a tasting party? We dunno. Just brainstorming here!

Unbox the Experience

Open up the pinkest box you’ve ever seen to reveal the cutest cookies you’ve ever seen. 🙂 Having that tasting party? Don’t forget to use the included PDC cookie cutter for perfecto cookie slices that are easily shareable.

Ready to be tickled pink?

Join our exclusive stan club or grab a one-time box – either way, you’re making a very good decision.


Club Doorky Subscription Box

Say hello to your new favorite subscription! For $79.99 a month (plus $24 UPS shipping), you will be provided exclusive entry into Club Doorky, a place where nostalgia meets luxurious whimsy.

As a member of Club Doorky, you’ll receive…

  • 12 cute, fancy, and handcrafted cookies: Every month, your taste buds will be tickled til they wet themselves with our 10 menu classics including S’mores and Frosted Funfetti PLUS 2 seasonal flavors that change with each box!
  • An exclusive discount: As a loyal member of Club Doorky, you will be entitled to 21% off all merch for as long as you’re with us – which we hope will be forever 🥹.
  • A cookie cutter like no utter: Your first box will include a Pink Door Cookies Cookie Cutter which really just couldn’t be cuter. Specially designed to help you share the cookie love with all your besties.
  • Members-Only Flavors: As a member of Club Doorky, you’ll get access to exclusive, limited-edition flavors that won’t be offered on our hometown menu. Crafted and designed by our founder (and Chopped champion!) Mathew Rice, these will be unique one-of-a-kind cookies that will make you very glad you booked a stay at Club Doorky 😌.
  • SurPrizes in every box: We have a good feeling you’re one of our favorite people so we’re also throwing in special surPRIZES in each box. Just a little something that we hope helps brighten your day just as much as you brighten ours.


The I Want It Now Box

Not quite ready to commit to cute cookies and cute stuff every month? That's super okay! Satisfy your inner Veruca Salt and get the I Want It Now box for $99.99 (plus $24 UPS shipping). The IWIN box is the perfect way to get what you want without anything you don't (which we assume is a monthly subscription.)

This one-time purchase includes…

  • A Dozen Dreamy Treats: Unbox 12 irresistible cookies, featuring a mix of 10 beloved classics and 2 rotating seasonal sensations. Each bite is a burst of flavor and fun!
  • No Subscription, No Worries: Get your cookie fix whenever the craving strikes. Perfect for spontaneous treat days or gifting your loved ones with something sweet.
  • Signature Pink Door Cookie Cutter Included: Your box comes with our charming cookie cutter, ideal for crafting shareable moments and creating bite-sized delights.
  • A Taste of Pink Door Anytime: Ideal for those who love variety and spontaneity. Indulge in our cookie magic on your terms, whenever you fancy.

Frequently Asked

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Whether you’re curious about shipping, subscription details, or custom orders, our FAQ section is here to clear up any confusion. We’re working hard to make your Pink Door Cookies experience as smooth and sweet as our treats, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more information.

How does the shipping process work?

Our cookies taste best when they’re fresh, so we aim for a swift delivery. We primarily use UPS Ground to ensure your treats are in transit for no more than 2 days. For locations where ground shipping would exceed this time, we opt for UPS 2-Day Priority. To maintain freshness, we ship orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week.

Can I forward my subscription or order to someone else?

Absolutely! We’re all about sharing the cookie love. While we’re still fine-tuning this feature, rest assured you can currently forward your subscription to someone else as a delightful surprise. We’re working on making this process even smoother in the near future.

Can I get a custom order shipped?

Your unique cookie dreams are important to us! Currently, we’re focusing on perfecting the shipment of a standardized menu, but the option for custom orders is on our baking sheet of future plans. Stay tuned!

Can I choose my delivery date?

Yes, you can! We understand the importance of timing, especially when it comes to enjoying our cookies at just the right moment. Please specify your delivery date in your order notes and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Since orders go out Mon-Wed, orders will arrive Wed-Fri. We’re in the process of enhancing our software to make selecting your preferred delivery date even more seamless.

Is it easy to cancel my subscription?

We hope you never have to, but if you decide to cancel your subscription, we’ve made it straightforward. You can manage your subscription settings easily through your account, giving you full control with just a few clicks.

Is international shipping available?

Currently, our cookies are taking a little tour within the U.S. only. But don’t worry, we’re cooking up plans to expand our delivery horizons and hope to bring our cookies to the global stage in the future. Keep an eye out for updates!

Growing Sweetly,
Learning Daily

Your feedback helps us be better so we can do better. As we scale our cookie dreams, we’re embracing every step – even the missteps. We’re learning as we grow, and we might not always get it right the first time.

If you encounter any hiccups with your order, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Your feedback helps us bake a better tomorrow and ensures that Pink Door becomes the beloved brand we dream it to be.

Thank you for all your

Cookie pals, we’re here because of you! Your support means the world to us, and we can’t wait
to share many more sweet adventures together. Let’s make every cookie count!

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